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Internationale Studierende (ESN)

Go international!

ESN stands for Erasmus Student Network, the biggest student association in Europe. As a non-profit organization, we are entirely operated by dedicated volunteers whose mission is to provide exchange students with an unforgettable experience.

Our specific areas of responsibility:

  • Initiating and coordinating projects to promote equal opportunities for non-Austrian students, interculturality and multilingualism.
  • Assisting international students with social and academic integration at AAU by providing advice on academic matters and fostering networking opportunities.
  • Organizing excursions, cultural events, and activities for regular and exchange students to promote cross-cultural interaction.
  • Addressing challenges faced by international students related to authorities, university offices, or social issues (e.g., residence permits, employment during studies, language courses etc.).
  • Supporting exchange students across various mobility programs (e.g., Erasmus+, Joint Study, Double Degree, CEEPUS) before, during, and after their exchange semester(s) in Klagenfurt.
  • Facilitating the acclimatization of exchange students to Klagenfurt by organizing events and fostering a sense of community among exchange students.
  • Facilitating cultural exchange with local students through the Buddy System (this involves assigning a buddy from AAU to each incoming student. These buddies assist newcomers by answering questions before their arrival in Klagenfurt, providing city orientation, or simply spending time together).
  • Managing the „Project Green“ in collaboration with Klima Referat, whereby departing exchange students donate useful items like kitchen items, school supplies, and packaged food to support incoming students and promote sustainability.

Throughout the semester we arrange a variety of engaging events and exciting trips for our students. These include activities such as speed-friendshipping, language café sessions, international dinners, student parties, pub crawls, pub quizzes, and karaoke nights. We organise memorable trips for exchange students within Austria, including city tours, hiking adventures, as well as trips to our neighbouring countries.

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Referent_in: Ateesha Sethia
Sachbearbeiter_innen: Marco von Frieling, Farirai Tapuwanashe Kariwo, Saqib Anwar, Anisa Vilic, Antonios Marinidis, Moritz Tom Meyer, Surabhi Chhetri, Francesca Trinco, Vjosa Cakiqi, Nazife Sopa, Gasper Roblek, Federico Cruder


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